July Goal Update

It’s that time again. Let’s look back and see what this year’s goals where, and where things stand now:

1. Find something active that I can do indoors.
Spending the past six weeks in front of the computer has really emphasized that I need to be more active, and at least do yoga more often. My shoulders and back have not been pleased.

2. Read more.
This one, I’ve got under control. 🙂 Have you seen the 52/52 list lately? It’s up to 56 and still growing steadily.

3. Go on a trip.
I sort of crossed this one off back in May, when we went to Memphis for the weekend, but I would still like to squeeze in another, longer trip if a can. That does not look likely, however.

Ah, the ongoing employment saga. I will not recap it all here, but after six weeks of unemployment, I will be starting a new job today (hopefully, this one will stick).

Considering the fact that the year is a little more than half over, and I’ve already crossed most of the items off of my list, I’m going to amend the goal list somewhat:

1. Do yoga/stretches at least 4x a week. 
My body will thank me, I know. I just need to find a way of making it a habit.

2. Finish 2 manuscripts by the end of the year.
I have about 3 chapters left on my current project, and I want to do NaNoWriMo again this year (though I don’t know what my subject will be yet). I am counting a finished second draft of the current project and winning NaNo as successful completion of this goal.

3. Save up for a trip in 2015.
I want to take a real vacation. I want to use my passport again before it expires. I want to fly somewhere, see a place I’ve never been, and possibly take a walk on a white sand beach and have waiters bring me drinks served in coconut shells with frilly umbrellas in them.

But I’ll settle for Williamsburg.

4. Don’t get fired.
I’m being partially tongue-in-cheek here. But seriously, I don’t want to be unemployed again.

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