Ruffles and Polka Dots

DSCF0496Once upon a time, there was a very cute polka dot dress. It looked excellent on the wearer, but alas, saw very little outside of the closet due to a demanding work schedule.

After several months, the wearer missed the dress, but while it had not changed, she had, and it was now much to large.

Sad that it had never truely been worn, she gave the skirt to her nimble-fingered roommate and requested that it be reborn. The roommate waved her fingers mysteriously [read: spent several hours hand stitching a blind hem] and produced an adorable skirt. Delighted, skirt and owner were once again reunited, and lived happily ever after.


The little ruffle was a special request. It’s actually the inverted neckline from the original dress, made to look like a button-up slit.



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