Two Steps Back

I toyed with several introductions to this post, but I think that I just need to come out and say i t.

I am looking for a new job. As of Monday, I am unemployed. I loved my job, but for reasons that I do not want to get into, I was let go.

This week has been hard. Except for a brief period when I first started college, this is the first time that I have been without work since I was sixteen.

I’ve spent the last several days filing paperwork and applying for jobs. It mostly comes down to luck at this point, praying that my resume catches someone’s eye. In the mean time, I’m trying to finish two manuscripts ASAP so that they can be sent out, and working on knitwear designs. At least I finally have time for all of the writing, knitting, and housework I’ve been neglecting.

The thing that is the hardest is that I have never actually worked in the field I trained for. I have a skill set which could be adapted to several positions, but because all of my work experience is in retail, I’m generally excluded from anything else, particularly if it pays above minimum wage.

But if you know of anyone who needs a conservation tech….