Monthly Goal Update: May

For the first time…ever? I think I might be making some real progress on my goals.

1. Find something active to do indoors.

This one is temporarily on hold while we have good weather, though I’m not discounting the fitness center that we have in our community. That’s a good backup, but I’d like something that I can do at home.

2. Read more.

I’ve read 30+ books so far this year. I think I can cross this one off of the list.

3. Go on a trip.

I haven’t taken an actual vacation yet, but I have gone on two short trips in the last month–one in the state, the other out. I would still like to go on a real vacation (5 or more days, out of state) but I’m not sure that I can come up with the money for it this year. I’m putting a check mark next to this one, but I’m not ready to cross it off the list completely just yet.

4. Get a new job.

Done and dusted!

My new job may not be my dream position, but I do love it and I can see myself staying here for a few years or however long it takes for me to find work in my field.

Next month I might need to come up with some new goals!