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Separation Anxiety

I woke him up to take this picture. I figure it’s revenge for all the nights he’s woken me up at 3:30 in an attempt to convince me that it’s breakfast time.

I’ve been gone so much this week that I’ve developed a furry shadow when I’m home.

He’s by the bed while I’m reading and watching television.

If I sleep too late, he makes sure to wake me, just to make sure I’m okay. (Yeah, I’m fine cat. But it’d be nice to sleep in for once.)

He naps in the recycling bin while I’m at my desk. This is actually a nice change, because if my desk is clean, then he’s front and center. It impedes my workflow somewhat.

The last two days that I’ve been home, he’s curled up on my chest when I first wake up. This is a bit switch from the six month old kitten that came home with me back in ’09, and wanted love…but only from four or more feet away. Arms length was too close.

He’s lucky he’s so darn cute. Especially since he snores.




2 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety”

  1. Cats and their seperation anxieties… If you want to give them your love, they’re nowhere to be found. But if they cannot find you, all hell breaks loose!


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