It has been a very long, exhausting week and I’ve spent almost none of it at home since Saturday. The cat is pretty pissed off about this, and showed it by knocking over a lamp and breaking the bulb (on carpet) while I was gone, and then waking me up every 30 minutes on my first night at home. Today, though, he’s practically been attached to me. I think he’s developing some kind of complex since I’ve been away so much. 🙂

My most recent excursion was for a work function; we had a retreat and since we make gear for police and military-type persons, it was decided that a basic handgun course would be a good idea.

I’m a target shooter, personally. I used to shoot recreationally (though I prefer archery) but this course was a sort of pre-conceal carry course, and was a completely different animal from what I’ve dealt with before. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it was still extremely educational and I had a great time. Our instructor, Mike, was really patient with me; I kind of freaked out the first morning we had class because the gun I was using jammed every time I tried to shoot. Apparently, I wasn’t holding it tightly enough. I think I only managed two shots the entire morning. After lunch though, things got much easier:

DSCF0465I don’t think that I did too badly, considering the last time I held a pistol was 10 years ago, and I shot for maybe 20 minutes. I might have been the slowest person in the class, but I was one of the most accurate.

I wish I could have grabbed my target from the second day. For one of the drills, we fired about 10 rounds with our non-dominant hand. Each of those black dots is about six inches across. Each of my shots but one ended up inside the number 3–not just inside the circle, but inside the number itself. Maybe I should make myself a southpaw?

For our finale, we had an “exam”: 5 timed drills, and we were scored for speed and accuracy. First place went to my boss (former military and police), and then second was me!

[If you’re interested in this course or a similar one, our instruction came through Victory First. The link goes directly to their class list.]

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  1. Congratulations on your markswomanship! Nice shooting. Nothing wrong with using your non-dominate hand/eye. I do it all the time for photography and shooting (except semi-automatic rifles due to the shells being ejected into my face if I did). I think sometime in life I was forced to use my right hand.


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