As you may have gathered from last Monday’s post, I do in fact have a new job. I alluded to it a few weeks ago, with my sewing failure. Since I don’t like to name my employer on social media, I’ll just say that I am doing production sewing for a local company, that I love my job, the people I work with are really nice, and the pay is much better than what I’ve been dealing with in retail.

Also, we have a shop dog. My opinion of a company tends to go up in proportion to the size of their shop-pet.

I kid you not, I am greeted by a Great Dane every morning when I show up for work.

It’s not my “dream job” in that it’s not what I studied, slaved, and drove myself into debt for. But it’s a great job and I love everything about it so far.

We’ve got an employee retreat this week, which sounds like it will be a blast. And considering the sudden uptick in my income, I might even be able to squirrel enough away for a real and proper vacation this year (provided I don’t go too far from home).

Heck, I could probably put a saddle on the shop dog and ride him to my destination; it would save on gas. 🙂