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Randomly, from the Internet

As I frequently ask myself–why don’t I live in England? Kingston University is now offering a Masters program in knitwear design.

*Sigh.* If only I didn’t have to earn a living. There are about four Master’s programs that I would love to enroll in right now (not all of them knitwear related).

I also spied this gem on one of the blogs I frequent:
A Visual Compendium Of Typewriters is perfect for any typewriter_ design enthusiastI want this as a poster to hang near my desk.

Sadly, that’s all I’ve got for today. At the moment I’m completely spent, but I do have plans for later this week and next–I’ll be kicking off a new blog series, which hopefully you guys will find entertaining. There’ll be some television, some books, a bit of knitwear, and possibly even a typewriter or two involved.


2 thoughts on “Randomly, from the Internet”

  1. Where is your sense of adventure!?!?!? Pack up what fits in a back pack and head to jolly ole England. Persue your dreams or before long you will be too old like me and unable to turn dreams into reality.

    Great typewriter poster.


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