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OMG Rainbows!!

DSCF0153 DSCF0154 DSCF0155Rainbow Newborn CardiganYarn: Bernat Mossaic in “Calypso”. Used about 3/4 of a ball, though that was mostly in scraps.
Needles: US 9/5.5 mm
Pattern: improvised
Gauge: 4sts x 4″

I’ve been sitting on this post for ages, waiting to share pictures until after the finished items had reached their intended recipient.

I made these back in October, after finding out that a good friend at work was expecting. She’d been having a rough time of it, and so I also made something for her older daughter, so that she wouldn’t feel left out with all of the attention that her new sister would get.

This yarn was so much fun to work with. It’s a perfect ROYGBIV color progression (that means it’s a true rainbow, in art/science speak). It’s a cheap acrylic ($6 a ball), but not at all unpleasant to work with in my opinion. And since the garments are for children, I really don’t have any problem using cheap, machine washable yarn.

The newborn sweater is of my own design. Mostly I was plying around with the construction, trying to see what would work out the best. It’s worked from the bottom up to the underarms, then I put the two fronts on stitch holders to work the back.

Since the colors changed for the front shoulders, I decided to make it a design element, and worked those on the bias, working up and in from the outside corners.

I didn’t like the open edges, so I folded them outward into lapels and tacked them down with coordinating buttons.

Pinwheel SweaterDSCF0156 DSCF0165
Bernat Mossaic in “Calypso”, 2 balls
US 9/5.5 mm
4sts x 4″

The second sweater was so much fun to make. I used this pattern for inspiration, but found that the wording was very poor, so I ended up tweaking it a little to meet my needs.

Once I got past that little obstacle, however, it was smooth sailing.

As soon as it was done, I wanted to make another immediately, in my size. Everyone needs a cheery rainbow sweater to get them through the winter, don’t they?

DSCF0169Now I just need to find seven colors of yarn that I like and work them up into an adult version, since I know that this yarn won’t translate into a larger size–you can see how thin the stripes get along the outer edge, and I’d need at least another 12 inches diameter for it to work.