Book Review: Where the Locals Go

If you are like me and get regular bouts of wanderlust, then this book is like candy for the soul. It’s great to flip through for an introduction to hundreds of different places.

Divided by region, Where the Locals Go highlights everything from the best local food to seasonal festivals, with over 200 entries in all. It makes a great jumping off point if you aren’t sure where your next vacation will take you, or are just looking to sample some world culture. It’s not the end-all, be-all of travel books, though, providing less than a page of information for each location or event, so once you decide on your destination, you’ll still want to do plenty of outside research.

My only real complaint about this book is that for some areas, the information was scanty at best—the only mention of a city might be it’s food, as though that were the only draw, while other regions might be skipped over completely. Meanwhile, some states—and even a few cities—might have two or three entries apiece.

I think this book broadened my horizons some. I’ve never had an interest in Iceland (I’ll admit to some lingering bitterness following the volcano fiasco) but now I think it might be someplace that I’d like to visit, along with Norway and Sweden.