Typewriter Month

Whoops. It looks like once again, I missed ITAM. I’ve been meaning to get out the typewriters for the last few weeks, but there’s usually someone asleep every time I have a chance, and Louis, my dear old (LOUD) Woodstock, just doesn’t go over very well with the roommate.  She is generally supportive of the hobby, however, since I mentioned getting rid of my three non-functioning typers, and was promptly put in my place. “But what would the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Typewriters say?” she asked, hands on hips, staring me down to rival my own mother.

So the typwriters are staying, regardless of how tiny an apartment we end up moving into. Here’s hoping the noise regulations at our new place aren’t too strict.

Since very soon all of my earthly belongings will be in boxes, I give you a shot of the Woodstock and the Remington, the two most photogenic typewriters I have at the moment:


2 thoughts on “Typewriter Month”

  1. Ah. You did not miss ITAM. There are still 7 days plus the remainder of today left. That is over a week.

    I fully understand move. We moved to FL hoping it would be a permanent place, but living here sucks and we are planning a move back North as soon as we can gind a house and hopefully I find a job. I am packing at my leisure, but it is still drudgery.

    You need to follow Mike Speegle’s example of quite typing. He types in a clothes closet while the family sleeps. The clothes and coats absorb the sound (Lettera 32 I think). Add a Remington Noiseless to that and Q U I E T.


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