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Spectator Sport

Starting today, a vast number of people will be turning their attention to Russia and the winter Olympics.

I don’t plan on watching. For starters, I’m not a sports fan, I’m not a snow fan, and we’ve got enough of it here. Then there’s the whole “Why is Russia even hosting the Olympics after all of their human rights issues?” question. Oh, and then I found out that they are paying civilians to kill stray animals to “clean up” for the influx of visitors.

So no, I won’t be watching the Olympics.

On the knitting side, Ravelry and various knitting blogs are abuzz with excitement because of the Ravellenic games, formerly the Ravolympics. Basically, the idea is to cast on a challenging project when the torch is lit in the host city, and then (hopefully) finish it before the torch is extinguished, preferably watching feats of athletic glory as you work. There are various “events” for knitters to take part in–sweaters, afghans, scarves, lace–or competitors can choose their own. There are also teams–some based on fandoms (like Sherlock or Dr. Who, or some combination thereof), or locations, or vocations.

I think it says something that the team I picked is quite possibly the most laid back of the bunch, and is…*tea themed.* So while all of the other groups are getting out their metaphorical cheerleading uniforms and psyching themselves up for competition, we’re hanging in the back with a pot of Early Grey, hot, watching the chaos. “Oh yes, we have projects, of course. We’re working away at them. Would you like another cuppa?” There is almost zero competitive energy, and I don’t think that many of us are overly concerned with the idea of deadlines. We’d rather sit around and talk and let the others do the heavy lifting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hat to finish, and it’s time to put the kettle back on.

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  1. Happy knitting!
    I quit paying attention to the Olympics ever since they allow professional atheletes to participate. Like all major spectator sports — it’s a big money racket. I’ll be reading, typing, or anything but watching Olympics.


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