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The problem, I think, with all of this grey and white that is winter, is that I have to work extra hard to be creative. I can feel myself getting stuck in a rut just as surely as my car tends to get stuck in the snow blocking our driveway when they plow our street while I’m at work.

Among other things, this leads to irregular, rambling blog posts. I try to curb the inclination, but as you’ve probably gathered, it’s not going so well. So if there is a particular direction or subject that you would like my rambling to go in, I’m open to suggestions. I’m think that another series should happen, but I’m just not sure what it should be about.

If it’s a particularly great idea, I might even send a little thank you your way…

2 thoughts on “Rut”

  1. Write what you feel. What comes to mind as you sit before your typewriter or PC.
    Sometimes what one does not think interesting is interesting to another.

    I often sit and type out something to post. Sometimes it is just thoughts or rambliings about a day or subject. Once in a while they get posted. Most of the time the page or pages are placed in a manila folder and put away. Something satisfying by just typing.

    Fear not on the gloomy sky. Today is the first day in 2 weeks the sun is shining throught the clouds and fog. Still feels / looks like London though. If I were only in London 😦


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