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since I’m once again too broke to actually go someplace for my vacation, I’m trying to make the best of it in my living room.

Snapshot_20140127_2I’ve got my smoothie, my favorite summertime drink, complete with frilly umbrella. All of the curtains are pulled back to let the sun into the living room. It’s still far too cold to really enjoy any time outside, so mostly I’ve been lounging on the couch with my knitting, marathoning Hawaii Five-O on Netflix (I know that they have a fireplace thing during the holidays; I wonder if there’s some video of beaches and oceans, too?)

I’m this close to being done with the rainbow socks, which will brighten up my wardrobe, if nothing else. I should have pictures to share by Wednesday.

Maybe next year I’ll actually get to go somewhere.

A random aside: S2E16 of Hawaii Five-O is a case in which the key evidence is given by a typewriter. 🙂