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No glamour shots this time, just a selfie.

IMG IMG_0001The “Holy S**t It’s Cold!” Cowl
: Handspun–tussah silk, actually, not milk fiber like I thought. (See? Keep your notes, people). The original post about the dying process is here. I weighed the cowl, and it is 1.3 oz.
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Pattern: improvised
Gauge: 24sts x 4″


1 thought on “Brr.”

  1. Nice selfie.

    Well, it is cold here too. Most places have poor heating systems, if any, so when the temperature gets to 30 or so it is wear the coat in the office and shop weather. I really don’t mind the bit of cool weather we are having here. Only cold in the mornings and 60s or so in the afternoon. No where cold enough to not go running in the mornings. The beach is cold thoug. Wind and cold water.

    Nice typeface on the Woodstock.

    Keep warm in your wool.


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