There are about five things that I should be writing right now, but my brain keeps making a strange grinding noise that I’ve always associated with my first car on cold days. At the moment, I’m trying to resist the temptation to hop in the car and just drive south until I find sunshine, and set up camp there like a pioneer.

“This spot looks good,” she thought as she surveyed the landscape. It wasn’t much too look at, but the sun peered out for the first time in three weeks, so it must be an auspicious location.

(This is why it’s a good thing I’m not part of an actual wagon train.)

Alas, gas money is an issue and I doubt that I would even make it to the state line. Anyone know what the weather is like in Kentucky? Tennessee? Georgia? It’s eight hours from here to Atlanta. If I leave early on Saturday morning, I could go, find something to do, sleep a few hours, and then be back in Ohio by dinner time on Sunday, eat, crash, and be ready for work on Monday morning.

No. I doubt I’d go quite that far. That’s a bit of grueling drive, especially to make alone (Missouri is working this weekend, so I lack a travel companion and I doubt the cat would be amenable to the suggestion).

Perhaps I should consult a map. How far can I get in four hours? Six? What’s between here and there, and will it be warmer? Or at least, brighter?