Baby Steps

It’s the second full week of January now, and I just updated my books read list with the third book of the year (Blood and Circuses, another Phryne Fisher book. I might be slightly obsessed, as evidenced by my slow conversion of everyone I know to the ways of Miss Fisher).

Next on tap is The Victorian Internet, which is equal parts research and entertainment reading. I centers around the early culture of the telegraph, and links the subculture that it created to the present use of the internet. I’m only about three pages in so far, but already it is fascinating.

As for my other goals/resolutions: I don’t remember how many job applications I’ve put out so far, but it’s at least half a dozen, maybe a full dozen. I don’t remember. (I should probably write that down.) I have about five different websites I’ve been bouncing between on the job hunting thing, and have been keeping an ear to the ground in the hopes that someone I know might hear of an opening.

It is cold and grey outside, just a little cooler than I find comfortable for taking long walks, as much as I would like to right now. So I went down to our empty basement and ran and danced and put music on. It seemed to loosen a few things up for me and when I’m done here I’ll be working on some writing and editing, which desperately needs to get done. I allowed myself to take December off, since I “won” Nano and knew that December would be insane, schedule-wise. I have yet to get back to writing regularly. I also can’t seem to find a good routine for doing editing. Probably because editing is my least favorite part of writing. I’m very nit-picky, and usually my attempts to edit my own prose result in completely scrapping and rewriting the manuscript (which is actually how I wound up with my Nano story for this year; I think it’s draft 8?)

I know that it is still very early in the year, but I’m trying to stay on top of these things as much as I can. We’ll see if I can hang on through February.

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