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Travel Bug

Since I am far too broke to indulge the travel bug, sometimes I entertain myself by planning hypothetical vacations.

Lately I’ve been reading and watching far too much of the Phryne Fisher books/television series, and it has me itching to take off and see Melbourne. I’ve never been to Australia, but it’s been on my list for a while. I would love to plan a Miss Fisher’s themed-tour:

A stroll down Fitzroy street, the main drag in St. Kilda (Melbourne suburb where Miss Fisher resides, and a major location in the books):

a trip to the beach and then Luna Park:

Images borrowed from the internet. Click for source.

I’d like to see a stage production of some kind (there are something like four theaters in Melbourne, and they are known for their music scene), and since this is me there would also be several stops at book stores and yarn shops, the more hole-in-the-wall the better, of course checking in advance to see if Kerry Greenwood will be making any appearances in the area. Then I’d want to take at least a day or two to visit Sydney before coming home. And since there’s that whole Northern/Southern hemisphere thing, I think that January is the perfect time to head down under.

Now if only I had more than two nickles to rub together.

4 thoughts on “Travel Bug”

  1. Living in Australia, I dream about being able to afford to travel around Europe. Barcelona, Italy, and the Greek islands are on my fantasy vacation list.


  2. I believe we all have travel destinations we dream of visiting. It is fun. I think most places I will ever visit are only by video on the travel channel. I do hope you could get to Australia. There are some fine Typoshpereians who live there.


  3. Yes, Melbourne is a lovely town. It’s now 1:56pm and currently 42 degrees (Celsius) out there. The wife and kids may hit the beach, but I’m staying put for now. Although, we may go back later in the evening when it’ll be (hopefully) a little cooler.
    Fitzroy Street is a vibrant area, although it can be a little seedy at night. Luna Park is fun, but my head doesn’t handle dizzying rides the way it used to. St Kildare beach is okay, but the beaches get better, in my opinion, if you head further South. As for Kerry Greenwood, she lives out in the western suburbs in Footscray. My wife and I used to debate the correct pronunciation of Phryne. She insisted it was pronounced ‘Ferny’, while I maintained it was pronounced ‘Fry-nee’. This was settled when I was working at Borders and Miss Greenwood came in. I figured I’d go straight to the source and ask her. ‘fry-nee’ is the correct way to say it.
    The books have been recently adapted into a tv series and I’ve only seen a few of them, but the actress who plays Fisher, Essie Davis, is superb. Check them out if you get the chance. Season one is available on DVD. They’re titled “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” and they are very well done.
    Save some scratch and get down to Melbourne. Plenty to see and do. Couple of decent yarn-related stores, such as Maria George, although I think she just sells buttons. Knitting is not my area of expertise. But a few decent bookstores can still be found. Readings is an independent bookseller with a great range, and there are still a few great second-hand booksellers around.
    Nothing else to report, except that it’s hot here at the moment!


    1. Sounds great! I’ve already seen the series (twice….:D ) Now if only I could find a few pennies to put aside for traveling! It was -40 F here last week (about -23 C, I think?) so 42 C sounds pretty darn good!


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