Okay, so last week got off to kind of a rocky start. Thank you all for your lovely kind words: Teeritz, Spiderwebz, Rob, Bill, and Patrick.

I do have bouts of depression (not enough to actually get diagnosed as clinically depressed, but last year was the longest episode of it I’ve had in a really long time), though I generally do my best to keep them out of the blog. I’m human though, and one of the reasons that blogging communities exist is because of the human component. Like a typewriter sometimes my springs snap, my draw band breaks, or rust builds up on the carriage, and I need to acknowledge the issue before I can write the next page. Thank you for giving me the chance to do so.

I’m not really one for resolutions, but I would like to set a few goals this year with that in mind:

1. Find something active that I can do indoors.

I do take a lot of walks from spring through fall, and if I can ever get around to having my bike fixed then there’s that (I used to bike 6-8 hours a day when I was on summer break in high school, but it’s been years since I’ve ridden for more than half an hour at a time). I need to find something physical that I can do indoors, but mostly I just get bored. I’d rather be knitting or reading, and I’m not very good at doing those when I’m say, on a treadmill. I’d like to save up for a Wii, because I like the interaction of the Wii fit, but I just can’t stomach spending that much money for even a used system when I know that I’d only ever play the one game

2. Read more.

I’ve read so little lately that I’d forgotten how good it makes me feel. Since I’ve discovered the Phryne Fisher series, I’ve gone into literary overload. I’ve saved about two dozen books and samples onto my kindle, and have more on my wishlist. I think I’m going to create a queue for myself, and try to read through the list this year as part of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.

3. Go on a trip.

Much as I would love to take one of the rail trips that I mentioned on Friday, I’d be happy with just getting out of Columbus for a little while. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but I want to go someplace new. I need a break.


I don’t care how it happens (though I would prefer to not get fired), but I need to get out of my current employment situation. I don’t care if I’m working for myself or for someone else, I just need a job that pays at least what what I make now and doesn’t do the damage to my mental and physical health that this one does.

So those are my plans for the year. Hopefully they will pan out, especially that last one (that really should have been number one on the list, though it’s been first for the last two years….).

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  1. It’s not many but they do all ask a bit of effort. Especially the forth one can be a challenge. Hopefully something good will come on your way soon. Sometimes things can really surprise you.


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