I’ve been sick since Friday. Just a bit of a cold, but I spent most of the weekend in bed. I got a lot of knitting done, and I think that I might have exhausted the costume drama selection on Netflix (at least, the ones that I’m interested it. I can only watch so many versions of the same Jane Austen novels).

I managed to finish one project during that time, and really cut it down to the wire too. I only left the house twice over the weekend–once to buy food, and once for my volunteer hours. I thought about staying home, but since it was my first day I really didn’t want to miss it.

My new gig is that the Ohio Historical Society. Starting in January, I’ll be working in their collections department, helping to care for those artifacts (I finally caved. I can’t find a job in conservation, so I’m volunteering to keep my skills sharp). I’m also helping out their education department, working as a costumed tour guide/interpreter in the Ohio Village (I’ll write about that later, for those non-Ohioans who aren’t familiar with it). Last weekend kicked off their Dickens of a Christmas program. I even managed to work my cough into my character, so I was playing the role of a consumption patient.

DSCF0251If you’ve been here long, then you know that I’ve done Victorian-era costuming before, but usually I’m looking at the late 1870’s thru about 1913-14. The Ohio Village is set in 1863 (soon to be 1864), so while I had some accessories that would work (shoes, apron, jewelry, etc) I didn’t have a dress. I borrowed one from their wardrobe, and have added “Civil War era costume” to my to-be sewn list.

That only left my hair. It doesn’t like to stay in a bun unless I use about half a can of Aquanet, so I whipped up a snood this week. It’s a very basic crochet pattern that I made up on the fly: A single crochet band to go around the head, then chain 3, skip 2 spaces, sc, all the way around, before eventually switching to chain 2, then chain 1, and then finally just doing a single crochet stitch into every other loop to wind it up. It came out wonderfully, and the fit is perfect. It doesn’t photograph well on a DSCF0255styrofoam manikin, though. I promise, it looks a lot better on me. 🙂

I’ve already started on a second one, but it will be royal blue with opalescent beads. I spent over two hours stringing those beads before I could start, but it was worth it. I love the effect so far, and am already planning a couple of other beaded projects.

I am starting to feel better and have been back at work since Monday. Fingers crossed that this cough goes away–the last thing I need is to get bronchitis for the fourth year in a row.