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Wishlist Part 2: Writers/Readers

1. Typewriter
In an ideal world, I would love for all of my typewriters to be in perfect working order. But since I’m mechanically inept and there’s no repair shop around here, I’ll settle for window shopping other models (Oh, woe is me, I am looking at typewriters…)

In all honesty, I could do an entire post on this (in fact, I think that I have at some point) but I’ll narrow it down to my #1 standard and #1 portable models:

Portable: Royal (1930s)

My all time favorite portable. I have a character who writes on a very similar machine, and I would love to write her story on her typewriter.

Image borrowed from Machines of Loving Grace

Standard: Underwood #5
Maybe it’s not too creative, but this is still the quintessential typewriter for me. This is the machine that got me interested in old typewriters.

2. Ribbons
Can you think of any typist who would turn down ribbons if offered?

I thought not. Though I would love to get some in fun colors, since I never really out grew the gel pen phase in middle school. I love fun colored text, even if I’m the only one who reads it. 🙂

3. Books
I posted a few of the books that I want last week, but here are some that I don’t own yet:

Kitty Goes to War–Carrie Vaughn
A Christmas Carol–Charles Dickens
Oliver Twist–Charles Dickens
Curtsies and Conspiracies–Gail Carriger
Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion–Robert Von Rudloff

4. Kindle/Nook
I’ve had an e-reader for a while, but I’m looking to upgrade to one of the tablet e-readers. I haven’t decided if I want a Kindle or Nook yet. The Nook has features that the Kindle doesn’t, but I’ve had some quality issues in the past with mine, especially with regards to the battery. No one I know has ever had a problem with their Kindle, though, regardless of model or generation.

And to go with it, I want one of these:

5. Typewriter teapot
Who doesn’t need one of these?