The Post-Nano Crash

Before you panic, no, I am not talking about my computer for once.

*runs around knocking on wood, throwing salt over the shoulder, etc*


No, what I mean is, that point after you do a marathon anything where you simply collapse into a heap and can’t move. I hit the the 54,000 mark during Nano, and then as soon as December 1 hit I kind of stopped. I told myself that I deserved a day off, and then two days, after that massive accomplishment–after all, I only missed writing one day in the entire month of November, and I finished well above the minimum word count. It couldn’t hurt to take a breather, right?

Well, except that on day three, I only wrote five hundred words. And only 300 the day after. And then, in the climactic scene, my main character threw three curve balls at me that greatly effect the ending of the story. We had to have a little meeting of the minds on Friday, but things are finally ticking along…after another day of not writing at all on Saturday.

Sunday, however, I put in more than I intended on the laptop, and then pulled out Louis the Woodstock for a very productive round of brainstorming. We punched out a bonus scene which doesn’t really have a place in the current manuscript, but is somewhat important and might show up in a later book or work it’s way into a short story.

But for right now, I mostly just want to lay on the couch and take a nap.