In November, I basically gave up television. I didn’t miss it all until I had a bunch of time home alone over the Thanksgiving holidays, and then I binged and watched a total of five seasons over three days.

I did do a lot of reading, though, and now I’m in reading mode. I  keep adding things to my “to be read” list, which is already far longer than I will ever be able to finish. It might even be longer than the list of television I haven’t caught up on yet.

Both of my October books (Virals and Seizure) were read at the end of November, and when I think of the books I read last month, I kind of link them together in my mind. I’m finally getting back into 52/52 shape, and I think I might compete again this year.

I use the word “compete” loosely, of course, since I think I’ve lost every year but two. But few things feel better than waking up from a book coma, and that is a feeling that I’ve missed.

I’m also about to embark on a new endeavor in my copious spare time, and that has me in the mood for reading classic literature, specifically Dickens. Unfortunately, all of my classic novels are on my Nook, which I’m in the process of selling in the hopes of getting an upgrade, and I dislike reading for long periods on my computer. Since I’ve already got a stack of library books that I can’t be adding to (they’ll come due long before I finish them, and a trip to the library for one thing ensures that I’ll come home with three), that will just have to wait. I’ve already got two books in progress, anyway: Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing (just as entertaining as it sounds) and the second Phryne Fisher novel (of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries).

And with that in mind, I think I’ve spend a little too much time on the internet today. 🙂

[A truncated version of my “to be read” list is behind the cut]

Shift–Kathy Reichs
Exposure–Kathy Reichs
Tempt the Stars–Karen Chance
Kitty Goes to War–Carrie Vaughn
A Christmas Carol–Charles Dickens
North and South–Elizabeth Gaskel
Oliver Twist–Charles Dickens
Dracula–Bram Stoker
Curtsies and Conspiracies–Gail Carriger
The Hobbit–JRR Tolkien
The Lord of the Rings–JRR Tolkien