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Things I’ve learned about Nano this week

1. The first 500 words are the hardest, at least for me. But once I get past that, get the ball rolling, it just becomes easier.

2. Cats are terrible at taking dictation.

3. If I can’t have Storyist, then Scrivener is a passable substitute.

4. I can’t write and watch TV anymore. And writing with music is now a distraction as well. When did I get so old that I can only concentrate on one task at a time?

5. I Write Like is highly addictive. And when it tells me that I write like an author I dislike, it gives me motivation to up my word count and change up my dialogue and writing style to try to get a different response.

6. I’ve forgotten what sleep is. 

2 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned about Nano this week”

  1. I know what you mean about the music. I have often of late found it hard to have it on and to write. I think we have become too focused in the iPod era on selecting tunes and controlling what is playing, instead of just letting an album play. That's my theory.


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