If the typewriter forum is any indication, it’s a miracle that anyone is getting any actual writing done this weekend.

So far I’m ahead of the curve, but I’m not getting cocky yet, especially since I’d planned to DO THINGS this weekend, and they went down the drain rather quickly.

I did get a little cleaning done though–you can see the top of my desk now! It’s very exciting. Of course, the fact that it is now relatively clear means that the cat has claimed it for his own, specifically that spot between the Sterling and the laptop where my blank paper and outlines are laid out.

I had planned on doing a typecast for today’s post (that’s the paper, rolled into the platen and waiting), but then Missouri came home and I decided to be nice and not use the typewriter since the noise bothers her (I do not understand this phenomenon. I find it soothing, personally).

So, how was your first weekend of Nano?