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Three days and counting

Only three days left until Nano gets into full swing. Do you have your outlines? Your notebooks? Extra ribbons? A backup drive?

I’ve been woefully lax in my typewriter repairs. I’ve set the Woodstock aside for the moment, since I don’t plan on using it as my primary machine. Mostly I’ll be using the laptop since I type faster on it than anything else, but the Sterling is still on my desk ready for drafting and problem solving and outlines. It’s my goal that before Nov. 1 I’ll pull out the Skyriter and finally wrestle that draw band into place, since I’d love to take it to Nano meetups and it’s slightly easier to carry around than the Sterling (though Carffrey may still get a field trip or two if the Skyriter doesn’t behave) And no, the Woodstock and the Royal aren’t going anywhere. My back will not allow it, and carrying a 40lb behemoth into Panera is slightly ridiculous.

Besides, Henry is very touchy when it comes to being moved.

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