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As you all know (hopefully, anyway!) I’ve been working on a book of knitting patterns for the past year. I got a contract, and have been working on patterns and samples.

Until Monday night. Monday night, I was hoping to get shipping info for my yarn support (yarn provided by the publisher and a willing company to make samples, which are then used to promote both the book and the manufacturer). Instead, with no reason and no warning, I was informed that CENSORED has been cut.

That’s right. The book has been dropped.

I don’t think I have to tell you what a blow this is to me. I’m completely devastated. That’s not just a credit I have to remove from my resume, that’s the entire budget for yarn, photography, tech editing, and printing up in smoke.

I’ve put the last year of my life into this. I don’t want it to die, but I can’t do it on my own. I’m barely paying the bills from week to week; paying for everything else just isn’t possible.

I’ve come up with a list of options here (Ravelry link). Take a look if you are so inclined, and weigh in with your opinion.

3 thoughts on “CENSORED”

  1. Oh no! This is not a good day for writers. This is the second post I've read and the second soon to be (hopefully published) not to be published. This is really sad that your book is not being published. Keep plugging away. You will succeed. I really hope things start working better for you and your financial situation improves.


  2. I'm so sorry for this loss and shock. Your year (and more) of work and dedication is NOT lost. You've worked on many wonderful things in that time and that art and skill didn't disappear upon hearing this bad news and losing this funding opp. Remember to keep yourself open to synchronicity and creative spirit. Good things happen…I will keep you in my prayers tonight.


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