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It’s That Time of Year Again

I’m back!

Did you miss me?

And guess what: It’s that time of year again.

The weather is getting cooler. The leaves are changing, if they haven’t vanished already. Even though the Halloween decor hasn’t been put up yet, the crazy’s are already coming out, making their lists and planning how they will spend the last few days after Thanksgiving.

No, I’m not talking about Christmas. Nanowrimo, of course!

Around the time my Blog Break started, I began outlining a training schedule for myself. I kept saying that I wasn’t going to do Nano this year, because with a book under contract, I doubt I’ll have time. But…

I might as well give it a go, eh?

Once again, I’ll be joining the Typewriter Brigade on the Nano forums. I’m not committing to doing an entire novel on the typewriter, just because my time is so limited and I’m faster on the computer than on the typewriter, but I did do my entire outline on the Sterling, and I’ll probably work at least in part on the typewriter, now that I have two portables. If you’re part of the Columbus region, you might see me at the occasional meetup with a typewriter. I’ll be the one with the blue hair, if the typewriter isn’t enough of a giveaway.

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