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It’s That Time of Year Again

Remember this?

It’s the sweater that never ends: London Calling.

For those keeping track, this would be my fourth year of working on it.

Last year, if you recall, I discovered that the cables on the decreases of the shoulders did not line up, so I started over and decided to make the entire thing seamless (or nearly seamless. There will still be seams at the shoulders and on the armholes). Most of this work was done last winter. I’ve got maybe 3 more inches to go before I split for the armholes. Since I’m almost done with a ball of yarn, I figure I will just knit until I run out, and then join new yarn to make the right front, back, and left front. I think that once the body of this sweater is done, the sleeves and the finishing will go a lot faster. One thing I need to do, though, it sit down with the pattern and microsoft word and rewrite the decreases. Since it came from a magazine, space was limited. Full directions for one of the fronts is listed, but for the other, it just says “do the reverse.” Um…okay. Very detailed. I’m also going to make a copy  of the directions for the decreases on the back. The stitch pattern is very easy to remember, but the shoulder shaping? Not so much.

I have no ambitions of finishing this sweater this year. Sure, I would love to. But I’m only working on it to kill time until I hear back from my publisher. Once I get the yarn for the samples for the book, I’m not going to have time to knit on anything else–particularly since I’m also making a couple of baby gifts for someone at work.

Clearly, I need at least one extra set of hands.