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That Wooshing Noise…

It is currently 11:39 p.m. on Wednesday night, which makes this post a full 12 hours later than I usually post. And since I still have about four rows left on my current project, which will not get done tonight, and I think my self-imposed deadline is pretty well shot.

I’m working on the Context Scarf by Kristin Briney. It’s a super easy lace pattern with lots of garter stitch–which is the only reason I’m knitting it.

While I was testing out yarn samples for the book, I was struck by the fact that one of them would be fabulous for lace. Initially, I wanted to make To Infinity and Beyond, but lace and I do not get along. There are issues, mostly regarding numbers. No matter how many times I count, they are just never right. I ripped out my foundation rows six times before I finally gave up and found my current pattern on Ravelry. It gives a nice lace-y effect without making me want to rip my hair out.

I’m down to the last bit of border, and then the ruffles. I’m hoping to have it cast off by this weekend, and with any luck I can show you pictures on Friday. In the mean time, I’m knitting away.