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Oh, hello, Friday. Where did you come from?

The problem with have “flexible work hours” is that instead of thinking in terms of Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, I tend to boil it down to “work days” and “not-work days.”

This tends to cause problems when it comes to planning.

So here is a funny story that I shared on Tumblr, because I’m not just a dork, I’m dork who’s slightly brain fried at the moment:

So today at work, I discovered that when the alarms on our front doors are in maintenance mode, they don’t make the usual beep-beep-beep noise, but rather they sound like the alarms from the Enterprise. And they were going off a lot:

1st time it happened: “Did we just go to Red Alert?”

2nd: “Is it the Klingons or the Romulans this time?”

3rd: “I’m really glad I didn’t wear the red shirt today.” (Yes, I was planning on wearing red this morning, but changed my mind to blue.)

10th: “Where the hell is Lt. LaForge? That sound is really annoying.” Also, our A/C wasn’t really working and it was really hot. Between the malfunctioning alarms and the environmental controls, a full ship’s diagnostic was needed.

As he was packing up, I walked by the technician. He was wearing a blue shirt.

“Isn’t Engineering supposed to be doing that?”

He just gave me a blank look.

No one appreciates my sense of humor.

3 thoughts on “Oh, hello, Friday. Where did you come from?”

  1. It was his Friday also.Hope you are succeeding with the Skyriter. Between storms and emergency nets I may get time to pull my parts one out. It should have a good drum and draw band if you need it.


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