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Typecast #11: Health Benefits of the Typewriter

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2 thoughts on “Typecast #11: Health Benefits of the Typewriter”

  1. Maybe we should offer typewriters as a prescription treatment? You are right about the conversion from slump to upright posture – you need a bit of angle and some effort to get those typebars moving.


  2. Sad to hear you are having allergy and all those itchy problems. I have them too, especially if I am around long hair cats. Less in Florida though for some reason.You found the magic remedy for aches and pains — typewriters! I agree 100% when I crashed my bicycle, broke one hand and injured the other I hit the typewriter as soon as I could. Sure beat PT and I was out of PT in about 3 weeks much to the amazement of the therapist. When she asked if I was doing the exercises she prescribed I said yes, but I was also using a manual typewriter at least half and hour each day.Did you ever wonder why secretaries never got carpal tunnel syndrome when everyone used typewriters?


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