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Odds and Ends

I’ve done a little bit of shuffling around on my projects this week. I usually try to keep no more than 3 active knitting projects going at any one time, since that seems to be the limit of my attention span.

My nook cover–which you’ll hear a lot more about once it’s done–is on hold at the moment. I need something stiff, sturdier than cardboard, to use as an insert, and so far haven’t been able to come up with anything. Book board would be ideal, or perhaps a really heavy matte board, but I’d rather not buy a full size sheet when I only need two 6×6″ squares. I’m hoping that among my many artist friends, I can find someone with some scraps lying around that they’ll let me take. If not, I may break down and get a full sheet once I’ve knocked a few other projects off of my list. In the mean time, it’s hibernating in a storage bin on my new yarn shelf:

Last weekend for Pride and the Raverly meetup, I decided that I needed a new project. I’ve been tripping over the same hole in my wardrobe for the past couple of weeks, so I pulled some really old yarn out of my stash (it’s been marinating since spring of 2008) and cast on for a really simple shrug to wear over tank tops at work. We’re not supposed to wear tank tops, but I don’t have any sleeveless tops (basically, a tank top with a 4″ strap) so at least this way I can be a little cooler and not show my shoulders.The yarn matches about 75% of my work clothes.

Another need that I’ve discovered–or rather, rediscovered–is for another dish drying mat for the kitchen. I started one just before we moved into this place, but never got around to finishing it. I fished it out of storage while my hand was bothering me, since it’s plain stockinette and uses much larger needles than all of my other projects. It’s moving right along and I’ll probably finish it tonight or tomorrow, provided I don’t run out of yarn first.

My last project is the socks I’m working on for Missouri. No pictures of those just yet, but they should be off the needles this week and I will post pictures then.

I know it’s a little early but for those in the US–Happy 4th!