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Bad Photography Friday

…also known as “Work in Progress Day.”

Project the First: 

Missouri informed me a few weeks (months) ago that she felt neglected because I’d never made her a pair of socks. So I bought some yarn (which she picked out)…and it sat in storage for a while as I tried to finish samples and The Socks That Never End.

I finally cast on a week or two ago. Mostly I’ve been knitting them at work, but then for a little while they were my only project (I know, right?) so they got knit on all the time…sort of. My hands have been a little sore from knitting so many socks lately. They really don’t like the smaller needles.

Believe it or not, both of these are done using the same yarn, same colorway, same dyelot. The spacing of the colors, however, looks drastically different.

I’m working to get these off of the needles ASAP. Luckly, she only wanted ankle socks, so they’re about halfway done. Which is good, since I’ve got two other projects on the needles, plus another sample.

Project the Second:

A nook cover. I’m playing around with the construction on this one, and I’m not sure how it will turn out. If it works, there will be a post on it. If it doesn’t, I’ll just rip it out and rethink it, and there will be a post about it…later.

Honestly, this is the project most likely to go on hiatus in favor of….

Project the Third: 

Nope! Not telling!

All I’ll tell you right now is that 1) it’s a surprise, 2) This piece is about halfway done and it’s part 1 of 2, 3) it’s illusion, and 4) there’s no profanity or text at all involved in it.

It will go up as a free chart (sorry, no written for this one) sometime this month.

So what are you working on this weekend?