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History Fixation

Late last week, Missouri sent me a fascinating link to an article about an article on chatelains. I love chatelains and have been wanting to make myself one, though it’s become slightly redundant since she made me my wonderful seamstress’ assistant for the convention. Personally, working in retail, I would love to see chatelains come back into style. I’m forever wishing a had a notebook and pen, or my chapstick, or some other small item that either won’t fit in my pocket or wearing an outfit that doesn’t have pockets.

I discovered that the website itself is a dangerous rabbit hole for me. Check out the list of articles in the sidebar; I dare you not to click on one. Here are a few of my favorites:

Everything You Knew About Corsets is False

Really fascinating. I wear corsets not only for steampunk events, but also occasionally when we go out or even to work (usually under my shirt) if my back is bothering me. Like many things, I think corsets are good–as long as they aren’t abused.

How Boxers and Briefs got into Mens Pants

It is perhaps a sign that I have spent way too much time folding men’s underwear at work that I find this article interesting.

Before Rockwell, a Gay Artist Defined the Perfect American Male

In college, one of my favorite classes was History of Illustration. For starters, it was taught by a hilarious man who reminds me greatly of my late grandfather (they even look alike, besides sharing the same sense of humor). I remember studying Leyendecker in his class; I liked him so much better than Rockwell. This article details many of the reasons why.

BEAR!! (CCAD students know what this means….)

I don’t understand the stigma against illustration in the art world. Personally, I prefer illustration over fine art.

Three Female Artists Who Shaped the American Dream Girl
Another article on art history, this one is about the female artists behind some of the most famous pin-up art of the mid-20th century. I love pin-up art. I think it’s gorgeous. And the women who created it? Awesome.

 The Great Gatsby still gets Flappers Wrong
If you enjoyed 20s week,  then you need to read this article. The flapper as a feminist movement–it’s the the juices churning in my head, let me tell you! So many ideas to work into my 1920s stories….

I hope you enjoy those. I found them to be really interesting reads, and there are a lot of other stories on the website that I didn’t link to. In parting, here’s a knitting related piece of Leyendecker art: