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In Case You Missed It

Lots going on this week, so I just wanted to do a quick recap for anyone who might have missed out.

  • I’m entering a contest to win $5,000 for my business. To see what exactly that would mean for me, click here. Please vote for me and share the link, since the person with the most votes wins and at last count I only had 18! (By comparison, the person I discovered the contest through has 400+.)
  • After many years, I’ve finally given Yahoo! the boot. My new email is KnotMagickKnitter AT gmail DOT com. I’ll be phasing out the old address over the next several months. 
  • If you’ve been paying attention to the top of the page, you might have noticed a new tab–classes. I’m now offering a selection of knitting classes. For more info, you can email me at my new address
  • Another tab up there has changed as well: If you click on the “Patterns” tab you’ll see that I’ve got a new pattern for sale! Charlotte is an entrelac cowl pattern, suitable for those new to the technique or those with more experience. The pattern is available both through my blog and through Ravelry.
  • Lastly, that same old poll is still going in the sidebar. I’d really like to hear from more than two people, so take a moment to click a box!

I think that’s everything. See you Monday!

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