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So Many Books!

It feels good to bring books and reading back into this blog. Last year, I was so stressed that reading was difficult. I had trouble finding the head space to sit down; I’d get bored, or distracted, or anxious, feeling like I was wasting my time by not working on something productive. I might read a chapter, but when I closed the book I couldn’t have told you what happened in it. I tried audio books, but I’m not an aural learner by nature and found those even harder to concentrate on.

So I did a lot of knitting and watched a lot of movies, and tried to write when I could.

I still haven’t done a lot of reading this year; not even a quarter of what I would like. but it’s coming back. I’m hoping that once I get Censored off of my desk, I’ll be ready to start working on fiction full time again, since I have way too many of those projects waiting to be completed.

One step at a time.
It’s started to warm up a little around here. We’ve opened the windows once or twice to let things air out. I’ve even seen the sun a few times, which lends a sense of optimism to any situation. It feels like things are finally starting to look up. I don’t know how far up they’re going to go, but right now I’ll settle for baby steps.

Just a little at a time.

3 thoughts on “So Many Books!”

  1. Ninety-five percent of my books are currently in storage. And I miss every. Single. One!I too have fallen out of step when it comes to just sitting down and reading, and this was not helped by the fact that the last book that I was reading was utter garbage. I've stopped reading it, something that I have never done, but nowadays, I feel that life is too short to waste it on a book that I'm not enjoying.Perhaps start off again by reading short stories to get back into the reading groove?


  2. Here, here! Life is too short for bad books!Might I humbly suggest some of my own short fiction? I don't read a whole lot of short fiction, myself. I think the last I read was a collection by Robert Lewis Stevenson.


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