Wait, it’s Friday? When did that happen?

I’ve been putting in some longer hours at work the last couple of days, and this weekend I’ll be working in a different (much more stressful) area. I’ve lost track of a lot of things this week. Even though it’s finally starting to warm up and get sunnier, I feel like the weather has taken a toll on me. I’m tired all the time. Clearly I need to up my vitamin D intake. Or caffiene. One of the two. Possibly both.

I do have craftiness to show you, but since this week got away from me I don’t have photos. Maybe tomorrow when the sun is shining, I can get a mini-photo shoot in.

And some more sewing.

And work on the plethora of household chores that have gotten away from me, too.

It is now 10:21. How did that happen? I swear I just got home a few minutes ago…