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Chocolate, Writing, and a Cat.

I’m starting to think that the hardest part of writing a book is writing the proposal. Getting the manuscript out in such a way isn’t so much of a challenge as convincing other people that they should care about it. My natural shyness doesn’t help–I was raised to be humble, play off my accomplishments. “So I wrote this book, maybe you’ll read it, if you want?…Why? Oh, well, no reason…”

This is the first time I’ve ever written a book proposal (I’m only just starting to get the hang of the query letter and the cover letter is still a mysterious beast for me), so I constantly feel like I’m doing it wrong. Is there enough information? Too much? Is it the right information? Is my wording professional enough? If I make it more formal, will it still convey the feel of the book accurately? How many images should I include? What size should they be? Do I sound arrogant when listing my meager credentials? Or just stupid?

I do have a book on the subject–which was, in fact, written by the owner of one of the publishers I’ll be sending it to–and that is helpful, but not as helpful as I would like. But then, I’m cautious by nature and seldom like to move forward unless I have a green light glaring down at me.
As a form of procrastination, I’ve resorted to organizing my desk (don’t all writers do that?). I did have a legitimate reason. I had to make room for the necessities, which are pictured at the center of the drawer there. 

Yes. Chocolate is ESSENTIAL to my creative process.

Besides, where else would I keep my stash so that the cat doesn’t get into it?

You can see how intent he is. He’s lately renewed his obsession with whatever I am drinking (usually water, thankfully) and has been knocking over my glasses again. I’ve taken to keeping bottled water by the bed and using a juice glass the rest of the time because it’s low enough that I can stick it in my desk drawer when I’m working. The last time he dumped my drink, it was all over my desk. Thankfully, my laptop was on the pull out tray at the time and was spared, but it came dangerously close to an important notebook and a new book. I don’t think he’d eat the chocolate, but I can see him using the Cadbury eggs as a toy because of the way they spin.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. He’s trouble, nothing but.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cuddle my fuzzy little demon.

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  1. Being humble does not mean you must be shy. Promote yourself with your book!And, if you are not too busy you could help me clean my desk drawer. Mine never looks that neat.Funny how a cat will enjoy whatever its owner does not want it to play with.


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