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Long Time, No See

I took a break from my writing break and have been working on a couple of stories that have been running through my head. The first is a sequel to “Birds of a Feather.” I had another sequel written, but was very unhappy with it. We’ll see if try number two is any better, or if seconds in a series are doomed to be the poorest.

The second is also a sequel, but due to where it falls in the timeline, it reads as a stand alone. I think I mentioned it before–Part Deux of the Nanowrimo story I did last November, only rather than taking place in Victorian England, this one is set in 1925 in New York. I suppose it’s not so much a sequel as a book set in the same world, but about 30 years later.

This story has got all kinds of fun stuff going on in my brain, so I declare next week to be 1920s week! If you want to join me, feel free to blog about all things 1920s related. Yes, I’ll be throwing in a typewriter or three, but I’m saving those for Friday. Fashion, movies, music, art–whatever inspires you, feel free to post about it.

I’m still focusing on my designing–more on that coming soon–but sometimes it’s good to take a break. Keeps the creative juices flowing.

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  1. Oddly enough, I was about to blog about some 20's stuff in the next few days. Good to see that you're getting your writing mojo going. And on a Sterling! I love my sterling.


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