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Some Beach

I don’t know about you, but I am so over this whole “winter” thing. I’m sick of the rain and the snow and the cold and the fact that we haven’t seen the sun for about three and a half months.

We have started to get the first fitful hints of spring. It was almost seventy the other day, and then two days later there was snow on my car when I left work. Mother nature teases us with a day or two of 50’s, then it’s back down to freezing. The up and down is murder on my allergies. I wish we could just pick a season and stick to it–preferably a warm one.

Lately as I’m knitting, I’ve been watching everything I can think of that involves beaches and sunshine: Magnum, PI; Blue Crush 2; the Single Handed Knits podcast. I’m adding Hawaii 5-0 to my list, too. And then I’ve been watching music videos like this one:

That is one of my all time favorite songs. If you’re feeling the distinct lack of sunshine, too, here are a few more:

I have an entire playlist of these songs, which I’ve been playing over and over on my ride to and from work. It helps keep me from veering south and just taking off for Florida or parts unknown instead of driving through the rain to work. Of course, the fact that I don’t have enough gas in my car to get to the state line is also a motivator.

Here’s hoping that spring comes soon, or at the very least, that you find the lounge chair with your name on it:

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3 thoughts on “Some Beach”

  1. Thanks for all the fine songs. Well, it is even a bit cool her in sunny (normally too hot) Florida too. Days have only been in the high 70s low 80s F. over the past week or two. There is one thing I like about Florida — the winter. It's fun to hit the beach in January and February when it's snowing elsewhere, but I still miss the snow and winter weather. Now rain in winter, well, that is the pits — especially the cold and blowing kind.I do not miss freezing rain.


  2. I would kill for 70 degrees right now! We are supposed to get flurries later this week. It wouldn't be so bad if not for the ups and downs, which are murder for my sinuses. Seasonal transitions are overrated! And as long as I have AC to escape into, I can take the heat. I would rather be hot than cold.


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