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No Such Thing as a Day Off

Just a couple of things to show you today:

Here is the sample of the next pattern for Censored. I was feeling very optimistic about this pattern, until I laid it all out this morning and spotted two glaring issues–issues which might force me to rip back the whole thing and start over. Can you spot them?

I actually finished this last week, but am just getting around to photographing it today:

Victorian-inspired skirt made out of my old work pants.

I’m too broke to buy new pants every time I wear them out, so I usually repurpose them. The ones I like become skirts. The ones I don’t like become the scrap fabric that goes into the skirts. In this case, I was lucky to find a nice pinstripe material at JoAnns that perfectly matched the source material.

Also, for reasons, I’ve added a poll to the sidebar, just to see what everyone is interested in. I can’t promise it will affect my content at all, but I’m curious since most of my comments have been coming from typospherians and I haven’t had typewriter content worth noting in ages.

1 thought on “No Such Thing as a Day Off”

  1. Oh, you have been busy of late! I have been rather occupied with big changes of late, and didn't see how you fared with your heating and income issues. But you seem a lot more upbeat here, so I assume you've overcome that situation. I love what you have done with that skirt. Quite inventive really!


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