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Getting caught up

What happened to this week? Where did it go? I think there was some working in there at some point, and a bit of writing, but I think most of it got taken up with this:

Yep, that’s right. Hermes and I are back under the same roof! I’m so happy. Except for the part where he has been more vocal than usual, and keeping me up for the last three nights. Where did that rumor that cats sleep 20 hours a day come from? Mostly he paces around the house chirping at me (because he’s too cool to meow) and pawing at stuff like he wants attention (and then promptly runs away when I try to give it to him).

Anyway, it’s an (exhausting) adjustment period. But, I’ve had a long weekend in which to work on this:

That’s “Charlotte,” the first pattern that will be available to Post Club members with Silver memberships or higher.

This entrelac neckwarmer is knit flat, with a little bit of subtle shaping. The yarn it calls for is not just soft, but a budget-friendly natural fiber, and the color progression lends itself well to entrelac. I’ll be adding some more (better) photos to this post tomorrow, but I got hijacked by my photographer (Missouri is a terrible enabler) and wound up missing the daylight I was going to use for the photoshoot, and my camera does not do well with anything other than diffused sunlight.

Perhaps I should add “new camera” to my “things to do with my tax refund” list. Which, if you were wondering, is much bigger than the refund itself is going to be. Ah, well. I guess there’s always next year.

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  1. He most certainly does. When he was a kitten, it would periodically change colors (first it would be white, then he'd shed and black whiskers would grow in, then they'd fall out and white ones would replace them) but they've been just white for about two years now. Though he has one eyebrow that still cycles through. 🙂


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