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Not Quite as Planned

Today is the first day of February. That means January is over. I am declaring today the official start of the new year, and we’ll just pretend that January never happened, ‘kay?

This week we got our first good news in a month. A friend of a friend is converting his furnace, and said “Hey, if you can move it, you can have the fuel oil tank and everything in it.” So our heat for February will be free! We are thrilled, obviously. We also did need the new tank, since it looks like this one might be leaking around the connections and the cap, but that probably won’t get installed until spring or summer, when we can afford to shut off the heat for a couple of days. Since today’s high was only 18F, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

A few days ago, I finished up the entrelac neck warmer I’ve been working on. Then I went to try it on, and decided that it was completely wrong and ripped it out. I don’t have any photos to show just yet, because while I have started over, I have not seen very much daylight this week thanks to work, and my  lamps aren’t very photo-friendly.

On Monday, I’ll have another preview for the KnotMagick Post Club for you, so stick around!


3 thoughts on “Not Quite as Planned”

  1. Congratulations on a tank of fuel oil. Good things are turning around for you. I can't believe it is February already. I was never ready for the end of December '12.


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