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Borrowed time and a borrowed laptop

After a weekend spent with my parents and hiding in my room, I’m trying to be more optimistic. My parents gave us some food, which will get us through the next couple of weeks, and I’m borrowing my mom’s laptop so that I can get some writing done. I managed to get the desktop back online, but I had to move it across the room and it’s not in the best location now. Great for watching television. Not so much for getting any work done. It is still questionable whether or not we will be able to pay all of the bills this month or next, or what we’re going to do about heat, since I can’t charge another $600 fuel delivery.

If you would like to help out, I’ve put a few things together for sale, and I’ll be adding more later this week.

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  1. It's good you are getting some help and you are still able to contact cyberspace.That is a H I G H heating bill> It could be worse though. Just a few years ago the price of natural gas went into the stratosphere.


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