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Finished Object Friday

I have just a few things to show you today, a few things I finished up for around the house and as holiday gifts:

In total, I made six or eight of these towels, though a few are still waiting for suitable buttons. They all came from the same package, however, so the patterns are mostly the same.

Speaking of which, if you would like a PDF of the crochet tutorial I posted the other day, it is now available on Ravelry, here. The knitting one should be up shortly after the new year.

This took up most of my knitting/crochet time. I don’t crochet much any more because it bothers my wrists, but the recipient of this was instrumental in making our new house livable in a reasonable amount of time, and it was hinted that she would appreciate an afghan. I used six balls of Lion Brand Homespun Chunky for it. It came together much faster than I expected (which NEVER happens!), and is just the right size for lounged on the couch or in bed. It’s also super soft.

If you follow my Twitter, then you know that this year, for the second year running, I made my aunt socks that didn’t fit, and she bought me something I’d just gotten for myself, thinking no one would get it for me for Christmas–a subscription to Vogue Knitting. What’s more, my mom commented that SHE considered getting me one, too! And here people keep saying I’m hard to shop for….

We’ve decided that next year, we’ll just go shopping together.

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  1. Nice work. Mrs. Bill M crochets and so did both of my Grandmothers. My Aunt knitted. Both things fascinate me in that a piece of string can be made into something very nice and useable.Happy New Year!


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