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Where would you go to await the end of the world? CONTEST!

Someone on another blog I follow posed this question, after being asked by a reporter for our local paper. They took a fairly serious view of it, but my first thoughts were humorous–probably because I spend so much time with gamers.

For me, it depends on the type of apocalypse we’re talking about here. If it’s the flame-out, one fell swoop and it’s over kind of thing, then you’ll most likely find me at the yarn shop or a library or book store, since book and yarn are what keeps me sane, and who wouldn’t want to go out buried in cashmere?

But, if we’re talking more zombie-style, fight-for-your-life apocalypse, then I’d have to pick my basement. In part, this is because I’m a Mid-Westerner, and when disaster strikes, we hide in the basement (provided it hasn’t flooded). But, since this is MY basement (and we’re assuming that by the 21st that I have it cleaned, organized, and properly stocked, since we have warning of this impending doom) I not only have a room full of yarn and pointy objects (all the better to defend myself with, my dear), but there’s also probably food and companionship down there. And medical supplies (you should see our first aide kit), and any number of improvised defenses. If you’re going to ride out the end of the world, do it on your own turf, and in in style, that’s my philosophy.

Where would you go? Leave a comment below.

Make me giggle and I’ll send you a prize. I’ve got two little prize packs–one for typists, and one for knitters. Specify which one you want and give me a way to contact you, and it’s yours. Deadline to enter is midnight EST, December 20. Winners will be selected by who makes me laugh the most, or random number generator if I can’t decide. I’ll share some of my favorites here on the blog.

4 thoughts on “Where would you go to await the end of the world? CONTEST!”

  1. Well, If it is the fires of hell type, I'd go to a petrol station and just hang out in the hope that it'll all end up quickly. Zombies? Well. I'd head out to Stradbroke Island (near me), in the hope that I'll get to see Zombie sharks and Wales. Zombie wales? Too awesome.


  2. I'd stay in Cincinnati, where the apocryphal story has it that Mark Twain said he'd come when the world ends. Why? Because everything reaches Cincinnati 7 years late.


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