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Called on Account of Rain

I wanted to have before and after photos for you today, but alas, we are stuck “in between.” The day we were supposed to get the rest of our furniture, my dad was called away on business, and it’s been raining ever since. We only just managed to get a fridge last night, and I suspect that was due primarily to prodding from my mother, who remembers all to clearly the months we spent living in a barn with no running water and limited electricity.

We were supposed to wait to unpack until the furniture arrived–because wouldn’t you know it, the biggest pieces are the ones that are missing. We cracked last night, though, and brought in about half of the boxes that were in the garage. Most of them were books, but I found some ofmy clothes and my current pattern I’m working on, and my camera, Which is good, since I have a tutorial on there that I’ll be putting together for Friday’s blog.

I did the last of the painting this morning. There are a few little things that still need to be installed, and the master bath needs cleaned now that all of the messy work is done. Once the upstairs is done, we can start cleaning the basement and then my typewriters and craft supplies can get moved down there. Which will be nice since I still have boxes all over my room of things that don’t actually belong up here now.

I’ve been doing a surprising amount of writing since Nano ended. I pulled one of my older pieces out–my Magnum Opus, which has been written and rewritten at least three or four times since I started it in 2007. Parts of it were even posted on this blog, eons ago, but it no longer resembles the original manuscript in anything but the most remote ways. Characters have been added and taken out, my antagonist has changed twice, names, locations, and occupations have been altered…but I think it’s gotten a little better every time, and that’s the goal, right?

Now if you will excuse me, I have a few dozen things to catch up on.

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  1. Best of luck, wishes, and success in completing your move. (and tons of energy) Moving is always challenging and during this time of year especially so. I know — I made a move from PA to VA during this same time period way back in the old days.


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