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Okay, so I didn’t quite make it to the September 1 mark, but I just had to say: People are awesome. The FU scarf kind of went viral at the Ravelry level within the first 24 hours, and spent more than a day as the #1 viewed pattern on the site (out of 309,000+) before dropping down to #2. And since I love my stats, here are a few:

Comments: 100
Queues: 265
Projects: 16
Favorites: 657
Downloads: 1013
Knit-a-longs: 3

I also wanted to give a big, huge, massive thank you to Zephyrama on Ravelry, who has been instrumental in helping me fix some of my counting errors, and to everyone else who alerted me to my mistakes. I’m really sorry about that, and I hope to have it all smoothed out here in the next couple of days at the latest. Keep checking the pattern page for updates.

I really was not expecting this many people to like the pattern. I figured ten people might download it on the first day, and that it would slack off from there, but it’s still going strong, holding on to the #2 position.

Unsurprisingly, some people have been upset about this pattern. I’ve been told that I am uncreative, produce trash, and that I should be ashamed of myself. I even had one person say that they are considering quitting ravelry because of the pattern.

Seriously? You would eschew one of the greatest knitting and crochet resources on the web based on a single pattern?

There are 309, 046 other patterns on the site the last time I looked. If it bothers you so much, go knit something else.

Also, this is what the pattern page looks like:

My pattern is a link and an itty bitty thumbnail in the corner. Both the title and the thumbnail are censored. The pattern is flagged as adult content. If you find the censored title of F**k You! offensive, then I suggest you don’t click on it. It’s that simple. That Mariposa looks lovely, why don’t you try it instead?

But I digress. I’m not getting into a flame war. I’ve got over 1,000 knitters who love it. I’m not going to get upset by three or four people with delicate sensibilities and no common sense, and this is the only time I’m even going to waste my breath mentioning it. Because really, all I have to say is this:

Thank you.

If you would like to download the pattern while it is still free, you can do so here: download now

3 thoughts on “Thanks.”

  1. People are ridiculous and addicted to hyperbole. Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. I also really hope these people don't ever have occasion to visit Europe and watch tv there, because they will likely implode.Good on ya.


  2. As I write this – I look over to Jane, who is currently knitting on a chair 3 meters away from me. So, I decide… I'd mention this. Now, she's asked me to log into Ravelry and download it for her. I think it's a real possibility that I might be able to convince her to make one for me soon! Like… really soon….


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