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A Blog and a Book

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for the last three days, but I keep getting distracted, primarily by this: That’s right. I’ve got a new obsession–enough of an obsession that I started another blog about it.

GOAST is a blog about art nails and fashion, so if you want to see more of my funky manicures (like this one and this one) then head on over there. For writing, books, typewriters, and knitting, stay put.

In other announcements, I have a few more details about “Birds of a Feather:”

  • While at first I thought it was going to be included in an anthology, it will not. It will be available as a single download (known as a “sip” on the Torquere website) for $1.99, if their current selection of standalone sips is any indicator.
  • The release date is July 11.
  • It will be available in electronic format only, but you can read it on your computer, Kindle, iPad, Nook, or whatever piece of kit floats your boat.

Once I hear back from marketing, I’ll share the summary and blurb with you guys, and of course a link will be available in the sidebar once the story is released.

I do have more stuff I want to share with you, but that needs to wait until later in the week.